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Welsh Ponies For Sale

All foals are or will be registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America

Not all foals will be offered for sale or available for purchase, some may be retained by Heavenly.

Heavenly Welsh Pony Farm

2015 Expectations

Unborn Foal -(Dandardel K River x Heavenly Phoebe) Due April 15

Unborn Foal -(*Friarly Benjamin x Heavenly Delilah) Due April 18

Unborn Foal -(Dandardel K River x Irish Independence) Due April 19

Unborn Foal - (*Friarly Benjamin x *Menai Silver Sandal) Due April 27 (We hope Sandal foals, she was bred, but may be unable to keep a pregnancy.) We just want her to be healthy.



If you have a breeding you would like to see or pre-purchase, just let us know. We already have several who have inquired.

We have been breeding welsh for almost two decades and over 50% of our sales

are repeat customers. If you need references, please inquire.






Please check our mare and stallion page. We know that not everyone looks for the same qualities in a pony.

If there is a cross you wish to have available or buy inutero, let us know.


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