Welsh Ponies are.....



Section A Welsh Ponies:

Standing during regular breeding season are the following:

Heavenly the MagiHeavenly the Magi Multiple Grand Champion

Supreme Champion*Friarly Benjamin

 Dandardel K River Champion

Nebo Joules LOM


Friars Gold Chance


Heavenly Gold ApollyonHeavenly Gold Apollyon


Below are Reference Stallions


Mischief Acres Sun Up SamMischief Acres Sun Up SamReference Stallion

Supreme Champion Heavenly Silver CrownHeavenly Silver Crown in the roughReference Stallion


Reference Stallion*Pentyrch Vodka

Snow Pony Mochastone Reference Stallion

Reference Stallion*Wharley Magic Flute

*Pendock Larkspur January 1979 - August 12, 2010 Reference Stallion

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